Aims of ETA

Aims of ETA

The Estonian Taxpayers Association (ETA) was founded in September 30, 1995. Taxpayers united to protect themselves together against arbitrary actions of a tax administrator, low legal stability of the government, heavy tax burden and wasting of taxpayers’ money.

ETA’s aim is to protect taxpayers’ interests and rights, to pursue an optimal tax burden and to look after an effective use of tax money collected.

ETA is a non-profit organization uniting members with different background of activities. In addition to providing services of high quality (see Activities of ETA) to our members we wish to have a say in all questions concerning taxpayers.

ETA’s aim is to accomplish a clear, simple and stable tax system. ETA participates in drafting of tax laws and observes the development of tax legislation. To protect taxpayers and in accordance with taxpayers’ interests, we express our positions concerning drafts of tax legislation being in preparation as well as, and if necessary, participate ourselves in preparation of amendment acts.

ETA’s aim is to lower the level of tax burden and to raise the responsibility of the public sector in spending tax money. Together with the State Audit Office we look after that the taxpayers’ money is being used effectively and legitimately.

ETA demands the taxpayers to be treated in accordance with the principles of a democratic state based on the rule of law. We stand for a uniform application of tax acts by a tax administrator and that equal treatment of taxpayers would be ensured and principles of good administration abided.

ETA develops taxpayers’ awareness. We teach and advise taxpayers. Cooperating with the tax administrator we give practical advice to taxpayers to solve everyday tax problems.

ETA wishes to be an expert and opinion leader in the sphere of tax law. We systematize and distribute knowledge acquired in the field of tax legislation, initiate and support research work in the field concerning taxes.

ETA is a politically independent civic alliance. The association wishes to cooperate constructively with the Parliament and government offices without being connected to any political party.