Becoming a Member

Becoming a Member

Every taxpayer, not depending on his or her field of activity or social position, but who supports our aims is welcome to join the Estonian Taxpayers Association. A member of the Estonian Taxpayers Association can be any natural person over 18 or legal person residing in Estonia, who recognizes the articles of association and has paid joining fee and membership fee.

Membership fees

Regular membership fee: one-time joining fee is 49 Euros, membership fee is 198 Euros per year.
Discount membership fee:
 one-time joining fee is 49 Euros, membership fee is 99 Euros per year. 

The discount membership fee is meant for natural persons, non-profit associations, foundations, legal persons in public law and companies not liable to pay VAT.

Member who has paid any of the two membership fees will get:

  • A free legal advice and free representation in court
  • A free yearly subscription of the magazine “MaksuMaksja“ (“Taxpayer”) and concessions in purchasing additional copies
  • A free copy of collection of tax acts annual commented and concessions in purchasing additional copies
  • Up to 40% discount on ETA’s seminars

The membership fee is paid once a year in the beginning of a year. New joiners pay the membership fee in the joining year according to the month of joining and the number following months. The rights of a member arise and extend as soon as the joining fee and membership fee of the first period have come into association’s account.