Activities of ETA

Activities of ETA

Since 1999 ETA has been giving out the title of “Taxpayer’s Friend” and “Taxpayer’s Enemy”. The title of Taxpayer’s Friend and a prize concurrent goes to persons whose word and/or action have had the most positive effect on taxpayers’ rights, awareness and wallet during the year.

The title of Taxpayer’s Enemy and a souvenir concurrent goes to persons whose word and action or inaction have pressed taxpayers and emptied their wallet the most.

Tax Solstice

ETA is celebrating Tax Solstice every year. The day is calculated on the basis of a prognosis of current year’s burden of taxation (the relation of tax revenues to gross national product). A calendar year is divided in two parts on the basis of a burden of taxation. There are days in the beginning of the year, during which taxpayers work symbolically for the state and from the Tax Solstice begins the part of the year, during which money earned remains to taxpayers. Traditionally ETA meets with the minister of finance and hands over a souvenir on the Tax Solstice.

Competition of Research Papers in the Field of Taxation

Since the year 2000 ETA has organized competitions of research papers in the field of taxation, participation in which grows by every year. There have participated students from many institutions of higher education of Estonia in them, there have been presented works of theoretical and practical nature from the field of legal science, economic science and other social sciences. Authors of the best works are bestowed with a financial reward and the summaries of best works are published in the magazine “MaksuMaksja” (“The Taxpayer”).

Magazine “MaksuMaksja” (“The Taxpayer”)

Since the year 1997 ETA has been publishing a magazine “MaksuMaksja” (‘The Taxpayer”). The magazine comes out once a month and it is free for all members. With time the magazine has become an appreciated professional publication in the field of tax legislation.

In addition to instructive and educational articles of professionals of various fields of activity and information and advice of practical nature the magazine contains interviews and opinion stories on subjects of general interest, there is even a place for humor section.


Since 1996 ETA has been organizing courses for taxpayers pertaining to taxation, law and bookkeeping. Members get a 30% discount at courses. We try to broaden the circle of topics and lectors and organize more joint seminars and conferences together with other well-known specialists in the future. We organize courses in different places in Estonia outside Tallinn and Tartu in interests of servicing our clients better. Once a year we organize a free information day where we introduce activities of the association and actual changes in tax acts.


ETA cooperates with several state institutions and representatives of the third sector to reach its aims. We cooperate with researchers of tax law and other appreciated specialists to guarantee the high quality of services for our clients and keep the magazine on a high level.

ETA is a member of the World Taxpayers Association, Taxpayers Association of Europe and International Fiscal Association.

Advisory Board

The aim of the Advisory Board is to make cooperation with different institutions more effective and guarantee a broader response and bigger authority to initiations of the association.

Services for Members

The Estonian Taxpayers Association provides advise and education in the field of taxation. We offer legal advice to our members and represent them in court, if necessary. We introduce to members regularly changes taken place in tax acts, general trends in taxation policy, administrative and court practices in tax matters and express our opinion on problems concerning taxation on our web site, in the magazine and in special information days.

Joining ETA You will have a say in subjects important to taxpayers and You can use all the products and concessions provided to members by ETA.

Member of ETA can get:

  • A free advice concerning tax, labor law and accounting over telephone, by e-mail, in member section of our website and at the association’s office
  • A free representation (incl. in courts) concerning disputable questions where ETA consideres that a tax administrator has misused the law
  • A free yearly subscription of the magazine “MaksuMaksja (“Taxpayer”) and concessions in purchasing additional copies
  • A free annual commented collection of tax acts annual commented and concessions in purchasing additional copies
  • 40% discount on ETA’s seminars
  • Discounts on events of ETA’s cooperation partners and joint events
  • Concessions in using ETA’s fee-charging services (for example legal advice and consultations in the fields not related to tax)