Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The responsible data controller for the online environment of the Estonian Taxpayers Association (hereinafter referred to as EML) is EML itself. EML values the privacy of its clients and partners. Accordingly, we have formulated the following privacy policy principles that address the collection, use, disclosure, transmission, and storage of customer data. Our online activities are in compliance with all relevant activities, applicable European Union regulations, and the laws of the Republic of Estonia.

We outline the principles and rules we adhere to here.

Collection of Personal Data

Personal data are data that EML collects during transaction fulfillment (mainly when ordering services and delivering products to the customer) or when contacting the customer.
To order products, the customer does not need to register as a user/permanent customer on EML’s online environment (hereinafter referred to as the web environment).

The collection of customer personal data may occur in the following ways:

  • Providing contact details (including name, postal address, phone number, email address) on our web environment or elsewhere.
  • Through the use of cookies when using the web environment.
  • When placing an order on our web environment, storing data related to personal contact information or purchasing preferences (EML may request voluntarily submitted personal data and personal information in certain areas of the web environment. Required personal data may include name, address, postal code, email address, phone number, and other data).

Collection of Other Data

We also collect non-personalized data – data that cannot be directly linked to a specific individual (gender, age, location, web environment visits).
We may also collect data about generalized customer activities on our web environment. These data are aggregated and used to provide more useful information to customers and to determine which parts of the web environment, products, and services are the most interesting. Aggregate data are treated as non-personalized data in this privacy policy.

Use of Collected Personal Data

With the collected personal data, we can fulfill customer orders, inform customers about EML news, seminars, and upcoming events.

To better serve the customer, EML may disclose information about individual users to third parties who provide services to EML and are obligated to keep shared information confidential. Collected personal data is also used for purposes such as delivering goods, fulfilling obligations to the customer (MaksuMaksja magazine), and sharing necessary information with the customer.

A third party, for example, is our partner responsible for the transport of goods sold in the “Products and Services” section.

Retention and Erasure of Personal Data

Customer data and communication history are retained for up to 3 years if an order is placed on the web environment without a customer account. Payment-related data is retained for at least 7 years according to the Accounting Act. Queries and inquiries related to data should be submitted digitally signed by email to: 

Protection of Personal Data

EML implements all precautions (including administrative, technical, and physical measures) to protect customer personal data. Access to data for modification and processing is limited to authorized personnel only. Access to personal data is granted to web environment administrators and customer order fulfillers for the purpose of resolving technical issues related to the use of products and services and providing customer support.

Customer Rights

  • Request access to data related to them by sending a request by email to
  • Withdraw consent for the processing of data related to them, request the correction or modification of data related to them by sending a request by email to
  • Request the deletion of data related to them (unless it conflicts with the law or the ability to provide services), by sending a request by email to
  • Request the deletion of data related to them (unless it conflicts with the law or the ability to provide services), by sending a request by email to


All customer personal data obtained during the visit to and order placement on the EML web environment is treated as confidential information.

Privacy Policy Terms and Changes

By using our web environment, completing a membership application, or placing an order, you have reviewed and agreed to these principles and terms. We reserve the right to change the general terms of the privacy policy as needed. We will inform data subjects of changes through the web environment For any questions or concerns regarding the privacy policy or data processing, please contact us at